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Hood or no hood?


15 Mar 2011
Hi all. I'm in the process of giving plants another go, and I have a Juwel Vision 180 with T8 lights.

I'm still deciding whether it's worth upgrading to LED's as some are a stupidly high price, and those that are reasonable (but still about £150 only seem to give about a 3 year warranty and if it broke 3 years and 1 month, it would have averaged me about £50 + per year, far outstripping any electricity saving.

And I've been looking at several options.

One thing I like the look of are the lights mounted above the tank, with, I presume, the hood removed.

I mentioned it to my darling wife and was not expecting the reaction I got :)

She's under the impression (possibly correctly, hence this thread) that no hood will mean a lot of noise and it smelling like my LFS and the room smelling damp and musty?

Comments please :)



Fertz Calc Meister
1 Oct 2016
I went for Hood and sliding glass covers on my 500L and its a pain in the rut for maintiance esp being 50cm deep, however it loses no water which means less water/damp in the air, but my 50l with glass cover on rimless tank loses water slowly.

I would find a rimless one easier to maintain and look great, but water loss and CO2 use higher, never lost and amamo with hooded tank too and I have about 50


16 Apr 2015
With a relative normal ambient temperature with 22°c in the tanks and > 20°c room temp my 100 litre tank evaporates +/- 1 litre a day average.. And with a weekly 50% water change it'll never smell.. It smells during the waterchange if the waterlevel drops and planted hardscape emerses. And it smells more if the glase panes are extremel dirty with algae. Than you get the same smell as walking in the forest on a rainy day. Same thing you will smell if you have permanent emersed hardscape overgrowen with mosses and or plants.

That's what people vissiting me say, because i have 3 open top tanks, 2 in the kitchen and one in the living room, 2 with emersed mossy wood and 1 with an open planted sump and 1 with a planted hangon filter. They say it doesn't stinck but smells like a damp forest. So a visit to my place must be like a walk in the park to them. :) And as long as they say that, i know my tanks are healthy, forrest smell is what they should have.. Beeing in it every day i do not realy smell this anymore, only if i am working at it during maintenance and create a lot of air movement i notice.

If you want to impress and win the misses approval try to achieve this and you get kisses instead. :playful:


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