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[House plants] Citrus tree struggling


22 Aug 2019
I am posting for a bit of help on behalf of my SO and his citrus tree. Its a grapefruit tree planted from a fruit seed.

Some of the leaves get these yellow, soft and dry spots. Its from what I understand, older leaves who develop it gradually.


The new leaves struggle with the core of the leaf seemingly being too short for the edges of the leaves.
They get this crumpled appearance


We have noted a part of the tree where it gets more light than the rest of the tree, and this location does not get the crumpling but gets nice flat leaves.
The yellow spots however seem to happen wherever.


The plant gets watered with water from my aquarium, that is running approximately 1/2 - 1/3 EI
Our water is very soft from the tap and only slightly less soft from the aquarium (GH 3 and 6 respectively)
Its planted in run of the mill average store flower soil.

I pointed out to him the salts on the leaf in the last picture and advised him not to get the aquarium water on the leaves, but not sure if it matters really.

Any ideas what might be causing this?
We appreciate any replies :):)


4 Aug 2015
it gets more light
These plants are absolute hogs of light. Even in Australia we need to plant em in suny spots.

I would stop doing the aquarium water. Use normal tap water and a specialised citrus fertiliser as directed. You can mulch and compost as much as you like.

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