housing FE


9 Feb 2009
OK sorry for posting this in the wrong place ,,, not sure if it should be here or the DIY section really.

I have a lot if nieces and nephews and i try and encourage them to look at the aquarium when they visit , i have done this when i kept various repltiles as well , as i like to think i can teach them stuff that the schools seem to lack teaching kids this day and age. and provide them with hands on as well.

but now that i will be using FE i would like to keep this secure and safe as possible just to be extra safe as kids can be unpredictable and fast lol..

i have a narrow space between the tank stand and my computer that i could sit the FE right at the back out of reach but this could be a problem when needing to get at the regulator etc.
the other option is remove the shelf in the stand and house it in the stand and also padlock the doors ( will be doing this as i now use dry ferts ) and ok padlocks may be a bit ott but better to be safe than sorry.
if i were to keep the FE out of the stand and to the side how can i support it so it stands up ( cheapest option please )
and if i keep it in the stand which it split in the centre with a board so each side is narrow would i need to support it in here also ?
i can attach pics if this will make it clearer as i know i have rambled on a bit here and lost some of you lol.
sorry i am just really terrible in putting things into words

Simon D

22 Sep 2008
Easiest way is to chain it up(which is recommended even if in a cabinet) this will prevent it from being knocked/pulled over.

If you are putting it between tank cabinet and desk, I would recommend fitting a piece of wood, or similar type cover, over the front to deny access and also for aesthetic purposes, also secure by chain or safety wire. Covering or "boxing-in" will also prevent ajustments to needle valves by anyone too short to do so!


11 Feb 2009
I took the ends off a cheap shoe rack cut it down to size then cut a whole through a couple of rows put the ends back on and here is the result... :D