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how much green water for moina culture?


10 Jul 2020
San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi all,

I'm planning to start a moina culture, and will culture green water using <this excellent post> by @louis_last . I've never worked with daphnia or moina before, and as I gather supplies, I want to make sure I'm producing green water at the correct scale.

I'm currently maxed out on the number of tanks (aquariums) I can have running in my rental, so I'd like to culture the moina in a wide, 1-gallon glass jar on a south-facing window sill. It won't get any direct sunlight, but very nice indirect light. Given that, my questions are:
  1. Is a 2-liter culture of chlorella (as described in the linked post) the correct amount for this size moina culture?
  2. I know this will depend on a number of factors, but at first approximation, what's the maximum amount of saturated chlorella culture I would add in single feeding to a 1-gallon moina culture that's in log phase? Around 1/2 liter?
  3. What size backup culture would you recommend for the moina, if the main culture is in a 1-gallon container?