how to find "dead spot" in my tank?

Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by jarthel, 4 Jan 2010.

  1. jarthel

    jarthel Member

    Are there methods I can use to check for dead spots in the water circulation? thank you
  2. CeeJay

    CeeJay Member

    Surrey UK
    Hi jarthel

    Just move your drop checker around the place and leave it in each position for a few hours. If it starts changing colour (going blue or dark green) then that will indicate that your CO2 is not circulating to that point.
    I used to leave mine in each position for 24 hours to see if there where any fluctuations.
    Took me weeks to do the whole tank :lol:
  3. jarthel

    jarthel Member

    great tip! thank you :)
  4. YzemaN

    YzemaN Member

    To get a quick idea of the flow you can also crush a bit of flake food and dump it in while the filters are running. It will quickly give you an idea of troublespots, then move your drop checker there.
  5. Robert1979b

    Robert1979b Member

    Another option is to drop in some coloured liquid into the tank. I think one of the coloured meds (methyl blue etc) would show dispersion rates quite well. Dead spots would change colour slowly. If you drop over your CO2 injection site you can see CO2 or if you drop over the filter inlet you will see water circulation. i would use something like pipette and squeeze gently.


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