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How to maintain/trim Ranunculus Inundatus and others please


15 Mar 2011
Hi all, plants have been in since 10th March (125lt, CO2) as you can see from the pic, things are going fine.

I’ve already trimmed the stem plants and the Ludwigia can do with another trim.

What I’m not sure how to do is looking after the Ranunculus Inundatus, the moss and the carpet grass.

The moss I presume I can just trim with scissor? The carpet is fine at the moment, but if it gets too tall, I presume again just trim.

What I’m most concerned about is the Ranunculus, it’s already getting out of control and to be honest, I’m not keen on the horizontal roots joining them together being in the front of the tank as in pic. As only one leaf/head/top on each stem, I presume cutting them is out (or will new head grow)

any suggestions greatly appreciated

many thanks


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