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How to plant a low-maintenance Nature Aquarium

Can you please update the status of the tank after 2-3 months? Love the crypts and how you mix them together. Wanna see how it will develop over time.
Sure. :)

They'll be regular video updates on my YouTube channel, which I'll share on here too. Please subscribe to my channel to ensure you don't miss out! :)
This is exactly the sort of thing i was looking for. Hoping to change my 120cm Mbuna tank over to a planted tank soon, was considered going high tech but will follow this with interest to see how it turns out.

Are you planning on adding any co2?
Martin, think he says at the end he is going to add the Co2 and get timer hooked up etc.
George, quick question. You said you pump the water straight from the tap but how do you dechlorinate it during that process without having to fill up a container? Becoming a bit stressful carrying a 30l container up a flight of stairs 3-4 times when I need to change my water :(
Hi Ryan
Think George uses a bucket with a pump and a long piece tubing to fill the tank!
He mixes hot and cold tap water into a bucket in the sink ...adding dechlorinator for 240 litres before he switches the pump on I guess!
Something i have learnt since keeping Malawi cichlids as they can be less tolerant to any change in water than other fish is to prep my water for 24 hours before my weekly 50% wc.

I use a water butt, heat and aerate it the day before. Have seen a massive improvement in my fish since doing it this way. Also helps to stabalise the ph as this will be higher 24 hours after coming out of the tap so the ph of the water i add to my tank is th3 same as what's already in there.