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Hunting for 'different' shrimp.


30 Apr 2008
West Midlands UK
Basically I am searching for sources of shrimp other than cherry, amano, tiger, red nose, long arm or crystal reds. I'm looking more for shrimp such as snowball shrimp, yellow shrimp (another relative of the cherry shrimp), black (again a relative of the cherry shrimp) and the like. I tried contacting a french source, but they declined to ship to the UK on the basis that their last attempt failed.

So if anybody knows of a UK, or a european source that will ship to the uk, supplier who can take paypal or card payments and is will to send them by courier could you let me know please? Basically my intent (next year) is to try breeding some of the less commonly available shrimp, firstly for my own enjoyment and secondly to try to improve availablity of these shrimp over here.


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