Hydor CO2 System Reviews

Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by Peter F, 22 Jun 2009.

  1. Peter F

    Peter F Member

    17 May 2009
    Has anyone had any experiences using a Hydor C02 kit. At present I am using a Hagen yeast reactor.
    I require more CO2 for new 180 litre tank and the Hydor seems to fit the bill.
    I am restricted to a throw away bottle as I am unable to get a CO2 refill locally.
    You thoughts and comments on the product would be appreciated, from what I can see online it doesn't have a solenoid shut off valve
    , please confirm? Not good when CO2 it at a premium!

    Kindest Regards: Peter
  2. dsandson

    dsandson Member

    25 Jun 2008
    Belfast, NI
    Never used one before, but a 180l tank is a large tank to be using 74g disposable cannisters on. Maybe consider the D&D kit for the larger 500g disposable bottles (different thread size) or get the twin-guage 'exclusive' hydor reg which has an adapter for the larger disp. bottles.

    Also solenoids can be had for about £21 + p&p on ebay.

    Just wondering, how do you have so little space under such a big tank?
  3. gratts

    gratts Member

    7 Mar 2008
    Neither of their 'pressurized' systems come with a solenoid.
    For the money you'd be much better off with something like the D-D set.
    The disposable canisters are far too small for a 180L tank and the reg that would be compatible with larger, refillable canisters is really flimsy - I wouldn't like to use it with a FE or something large, but that's just me. :?
  4. Peter F

    Peter F Member

    17 May 2009

    I have the room under the tank, the refill is the problem, anything I buy has to be mail order!

    Regards: Peter

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