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Hygrophila siamensis variants?

20 Dec 2019
South Carolina
So in the past I’ve ordered Hygrophila siamensis and it looks nothing like “53b” that is so very popular in the UK and George farmers videos. The leaves seem larger and not as light green. Is 53b a specific variant of siamensis?

will post pics of mine shortly


24 Dec 2014
flowgrow.de lists several variants of H corymbosa (of which “Siamensis” is one) - of which Tropica once sold six :wideyed: - so just keep looking for non-Siamensis variants (which seem to be a lighter green with a smaller, more delicate leaf)

H c S 53B just happens to be one of the smaller, less vigorous growers so more suited to smaller aquariums

You should be able to find other darker variants mostly sold as just H corymbosa (or whatever common name is popular in the US)
Note that most forms have darker emerse growth (and this plant should be purchased as emerse growth for shipping soundness)

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