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I cant find this topic again!.....

Mr Bee

14 Aug 2008
Wakefield, West Yorkshire
OK, it was only this morning at work I was reading a topic before I was unfairly interrupted and actually had to turn off and go do some actual work :mad:

Grrrr...... I dont go to work to work, but they don't realise that!

Anyway, I cant remember who it was, but basically it was a member from Yrkshire, who was gonna go round all the local shops and see who gave good advice. Then either praise or shame the good or bad ones.

I think it was started around the 13th August, but I'm sure it was still active. But I've spent 10 minutes looking for it to continue reading, and cant find it.

Anyone know where it is??

p.s. I was also looking on TFF (fishforums.net), so it might have been on there. Posting on both forums to find it!

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