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I Like Bubbles.


New Member
19 Nov 2020
I will have a 300L aquarium soon. This comes with lighting. I will see how this does for a while.
I may replace with a Juwel Helialux.

The filter is a Bio Master Thermo.
I am looking at CO2 options. I have found the regulator I want to get.
I am wondering about inline diffuser or one that sits in the aquarium.
From what I have learnt inline seems the better option.
This seems to reduce the size of bubbles which is good for the plants.
I maybe on my own here but I do like to see bubbles in the aquarium.
I would not overdo it fust a pleasant stream.
The only way forward with this is a separate small pump.
Is this a good idea or not?
The type of tank effect I am hoping to achieve is a well planted tank. with bog-wood, and stone.
The fish is yet to be decided!
Look forward to getting some feedback.

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