i made a mistake


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5 Apr 2019
san diego
my 45gal tank freshwater media has been matured for 2 years till I planted too many osmocote root tabs like 45 tabs under the gravel and now it causes ammonia spikes like 1.0ppm. I was doing 90% WC with seachem prime and still at 1.0ppm. How long for ammonia be back to normal?

the tank has"
the tank has:
6 amazon swords
3 anubias nana
1 anubias barteri
1 moses balls
1 java moss
4 java fern
1 Echinodorus 'Hadi Red Pearl'

about 20 tropical community fishes
8 ghost shrimps and 5 cherry shrimps
3 african dwarf frogs

they seems ok, not see any of them suffer.

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