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I need something tall and compact, Rotala?


New Member
21 Mar 2008
After much trial and error I have the front and middle areas of my tank largely sorted (if only I could get rid of the brown algae).

I have just ripped out all of the Lobelia Cardinallis from the rear of my tank as it was not doing too well and is not the look I am going for. I want a plant that will really bush out and run to the top of my 50cm high tank, or close to it. I was thinking about something like Hygrophila Difformis but am unsure due to it being a little "soft" and too many bits coming off and clogging up the filter. I want to have something that will bush out and largely obliterate any view of the back of the tank.

Currently in my tank I have, roughly from front to back -

Sagittaria natan
Anubias bateri var. nana
Nymphaea lotus (not sure on this one, brought as a random bulb but has stayed low level , large and very nice!)
Microsorum pteropus "Windelov"(not looking great but hoping it will improve over time else it comes out)
Limnophila sessilifdlora
Java Fern
Hygrophila corymbosa "siamensis 53B"
Hygrophila polysperma
Hygrophila corymbosa "Compact"

The Anubias, "Windelov" and Java fern are all on bogwood and now have a decent sized gap to fill running from the centre middle to rear of tank and 70cm along the back.

Tank is 100/40/50 with close to 3WPG of light from four 30 watt T8s. Original I-bar with 2 tubes with 2 more added front and back with reflectors. I don't have CO2 but dose Excel daily and Flourish Trace twice a week and Flourish once a week. I also have a good number of fish but they largely leave the plants alone.

I should be able to grow most plants but will need to avoid the very high light ones or ones which insist on CO2.

Do I have enough light for something like Rotala rotundifolia or Rotala sp. "green" which both interest me and look like they could give the kind of effect I am after?

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