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I would like to stop using Liquid Carbon in my tank. What other adjustments should I be considering?

si walker

30 Mar 2020
I guess what I am planning to do is change my fully planted tank, from what some may consider to be high tech to a low tech.
Recently I think that Liquid Carbon may actually be affecting a couple species of my plants, so had the idea to stop using it.
I was dosing 0.7ml per day to a 35 ltr tank, one week later I am on 0.4 ml, gradually reducing the dose.
My question is should I also reduce my ferts which are 0.5 ml of Tropica (green) daily. The theory being that the tank will require less nutrients?
Should I think about reducing my lighting even??
All plants are planted into Tropica aqua soil and and has been set up for over a year.

Any info as always greatly received.