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Resolved! Images not displaying


3 Jan 2011
I've tried to put some images in a journal post and they're not displaying consistently.
The files are hosted on MSOneDrive.

When I created the original post, using the insert image button, using the sharing shortlink provided by OneDrive didn't work, (only an IMG tag was displayed) but i found a full length URL for each image that seemed to work ok.

When the post was published and viewed by someone else, they couldn't see the images. When I checked, again just the IMG tag was displayed.

I replaced the image URLs, which initially seened to work ... then didn't.
So rather than using the insert image button, I typed in IMG and /IMG tags manually which seemed to work ... then didn't.

Any thoughts?
One drive is private, unless you share those images publicly no one can see them, you can see them cause they are in your browser cache.

Just download them to your PC and upload directly to the forum, no need to host them somewhere else, we hosty them for you!

I can only see an option to link to images with a URL. Where should I be able find the option to upload images?