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Critique my hardscape Initial experiment


18 Jan 2016
What do you reckon to this? 15ltr nano. Idea would be to build the substrate right up to the top of the rock almost on the left, so there would be two radically different heights.

I appreciate it's not much to go on just now!

I'd buy a cheap 12x8x8 tank, save accidentally scratching your Flexi mini!
Nice use of the bamboo chopping board as a background... Also did you notice the jar in the back left looks like a smiling pumpkin? :)

Joking aside, you may want to consider how the shadow cast by that large rock will effect your options when it comes to plant choice.

If it was me I’d avoid using such a large rock in such a small tank. As far as I understand it less water makes it harder to achieve a balanced tank.

You might get more useful advice here if you included a few more details about your plans for the tank, what experience you have, what equipment you intend to use etc.

Good luck!
You forgot the tea towel substrate...

I'm not worried about the water volume, if I go with it then it'll be gas and EI ferts, 50% wc etc etc

Plant choice would be heavily led by how the shadows fall. Some areas will have very high PAR, some very low. I can see how it would look in my head.

If you can see it in your head then go for it. Consider how flow is going to work also though. Would look good with some emergent growth out of the back left.
I'm not worried about the water volume, if I go with it then it'll be gas and EI ferts, 50% wc etc etc

At the moment you are not but I am positive that massive rock could easily lead to more than one concern once established.

That rock would look very good in a big 5ft++ tank but its your small tank making it your choice.

I really like the bold hardscape! Make sure you silicone it in place and go for it! You can even grow some emersed stuff on top of it.
Love the moss etc growing on top, makes the stone look very integrated into the landscape. T

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Really liking it. Red accents as well.

Maybe that moss will continue to grow?!