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Inline Diffuser Help


New Member
17 Jul 2020
Hi Everyone! I have an inline JBL diffuser which has worked perfect for about 8 months now. On Sunday I had a filter leak which has since been fixed.
The issue now is the ceramic membrane was out of water for about a day before I realised it needed to be soaked before use.
I turned the CO2 on last night after 24 hours and there were large bubbles going straight to the surface and popping compared to the usual mist. The CO2 is gathering at the end of the spraybar and burbing every few seconds. I can see the CO2 bubbles after the inline diffuser.
I have checked the joins for leaks with soapy water and can't find any.
This morning i put the diffuser back together to make sure the O-rings were in correctly but this didn't solve the issue.

I have a few questions.

  1. Has anyone else had a similar issue with this diffuser and how did you fix it?
  2. How long can the plants go without CO2 injection (I'm substituting with liquid carbon)?
  3. Should I reduce the amount of fertiliser until I get the CO2 running again?
Any help appreciated. Thanks


12 Jan 2021
From my experience you should try to get the CO2 back up and running before you let the lights come back on. Even an in-tank diffuser is better than nothing.

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