Insect dilemma


15 Nov 2015
Hi all, I have a bit of a dilemma at the moment that I'd like your opinion/thoughts over. I'm all for attracting insects/pollinators to my garden and like to do the same down the allotment where I set aside a quarter of the space for this. I have achillea, comfrey, buddleja, lavender, fennel, cornflower, daisies etc in a 6x6m patch that also has a bathtub pond. In my garden yesterday morning I could hardly hear anything over the sound of bees and see anything for all the butterflies yet when I go down the allotment there was only a few hover flies hanging about, I just don't see any bees even though it's mostly the same mix of plant species there as in the garden.
So basically as this has been the case all summer I'm contemplating if it's actually a good thing to be attracting them to the allotment as I'm thinking the lack of diversity is probably due to people using pesticides around me (I don't know for certain they are but there are a lot of old guys who regularly have a blue carpet around all their plants and it wouldn't surprise me if they just carried on doing what they have always done). So am I attracting things to the killing fields or is it likely not to matter?
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