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Discussion in 'Aquascaping' started by Basviola, 13 Oct 2019 at 12:49 AM.

  1. Basviola

    Basviola Newly Registered

    3 Apr 2019
    After starting out with a 60 liter tank, I changed to this bigger tank.
    It has change quite a bit, but finally I begin to feel that I am on the track of something that could get really good.
    After I have some spots now where I can ad plants, and I will be really happy if you would take the time and give me suggestions, as I have learn a lot from feedback before. So critique, ideas, changes, or plant suggestions or swaps would be really appreciated.

    This is my 128 liter tank.
    Running about a year.
    Substrate is, layers of peat, Rexolin APN (micro), red clay, capped with gravel.
    No CO2, but will be adding pressurised CO2 within a few month.
    Liquet carbon, (Happy Life) 4 ml pr day,
    Light: Odyssea vivagrow 60, and 1 very old T5 tube. Approx 9 hours pr day.

    Plants: Hornwort, Rotala Indica, vallisneria, 2 or 3 kinds of Anubias, a little S repins, a little christmas mos, Cryptocoryne affinis and another crypt.

    My own thoughts:
    • Make some white background with light at the bottom.
    • Grow the Hornwort (back LH corner) to a dense green with Rotala indica just in front of it. Or getting a green rotala instead of hornwort.
    • When I get CO2, plant a carpet of... hairgrass, MC and HC.
    • Plant a very read plant, just next to the "big" group of rotala indica behind Anubias. (like just under the red tailed Guppy male, close to filter).
    • I like the 3 caves, but the one to the left is just looking to unnatural, as I am trying to create an aquascape. So maybe cover it up with lava rock, or creating a mesh with moss on "hiding" it, or maybe just remove it completely.
    • Raise substrate lever in the back and trim plants to a V-shape
    • Lower substrate level in front.... keeps creeping down!
    • add new moss to the tree looking root! (it grows VERY slow)

    I will be very happy for you to share your thoughts , and what ever suggestion.

    (Sorry for the bad picture, it will clean up glass and take some better pictures soon)

  2. Basviola

    Basviola Newly Registered

    3 Apr 2019
    Of was also thinking of:

    • planting Eleocharis montevidensis, just left to the HMF, as I think it could give perspective because it might look like the vallisneria at a long distance.

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