Interpet T5 Gone Kaput

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Angus1, 5 Oct 2008.

  1. Angus1

    Angus1 Newly Registered

    Ive had a single Interpet T5 55W PC started unit and a T5 55W Interpet Daylight PLUS lighting tube for about 1 year. The light has now decided its not going to work any more :(

    The swich still lights up when i turn it on but the bulb dousnt :?

    Has anyone had this problem before? I was wondering if the bulb had just died and i needed to replace it. Does anyone know how to test a bulb to see if it has died?

  2. Luketendo

    Luketendo Member

    West Sussex, England
    Chances are the bulb has gone and if you are serious about plants you should replace the bulbs at least once a year anyway because they loose their spectrum.
  3. Angus1

    Angus1 Newly Registered

    Ok, i will try and get a new bulb. At the moment the tank is a mess and i was wiating intill i replace my current algy with actual plants before i replaced the bulb :)
  4. B4M

    B4M Member

    Hi, Check if it's just under a year old. If so I suggest you obtain a bulb and test before the warranty expires. Interpet will not supply replacements as they don't meet new electrical regulations but should provide a full refund. I've just received a cheque from them today :D


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