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Is this some form of hemianthus?

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19 Feb 2011
I've a plant in my garden that looks very much like HC to my inexpert eyes, so I pulled some up and am having a go at emersed growing with it. Theres only a bit but hopefully theres enough for your more expert eyes to tell me if it is HC or not. It certainly grows the same way in the garden ie low, compact carpeting but that doesn't necessarily mean anything! Anyway, here it is:


While I'm at it, is this correct for emersd growing? The water is just up to the gravel and I've put clingfilm over the top. Thanks 🙂

Thanks GM, it was too much to hope for I suppose! 🙂 I've got some 'proper' carpeting plants coming so I will direct my efforts towards those when they get here 😀 At least with roots growing I've found out this is enough water so not totally wasted effort!

Thanks Darrel, it definitely looks like that 🙂 I love it in the garden and thought I'd see how it did. It was more a matter of impatience to try something emersed than anything else! 🙄 Oh well, I'll put it back outside 🙂

Hi all,
Another couple of really similar garden plant are Corsican mint (Mentha requienii) and Bog Pimpernel (Anagallis tenella). I don't think either of them will work either, although Anagallis tenella grows in very wet condition naturally and might be worth a punt.

cheers Darrel
Sorry to open this thread again but this morning I took a piece of Anagallis tenellus... Did someone try this one? I also got a rhizome of Pteris vittata (fern), but for this one I am not so sure it will work. Never saw them inside the water.
Ricciocarpus natans was the other plant I brought home, this one will work for sure 🙂

I'm lucky to live in an area where the coastline wetlands and rivers have water with subtropical temperatures. I want to try some of them
Hi all, Definitely likes it dry, it used to grow out of the cracks in the concrete floor of the glasshouse.

cheers Darrel
Thanks Darrel, I will keep you informed about the progress with Anagallis tenella, this plant can work submerged as the habitat where it can be found here is nearly aquatic (travertine walls with water running on them), usually with mosses and liverworts.