Iwagumi hardscape for malawi's.

Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by Martin Osmond, 2 Oct 2015.

  1. Martin Osmond

    Martin Osmond Member

    Hi guys, I hope it's ok to come on here and discuss this as it will not involve plants.

    I'm soon to be setting up a 4ft tank for Malawi cichlids, almost certainly mbuna. I was wondering if people think a iwagumi style hardscape would work for them?
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  2. alto

    alto Member

    I think you'd have more luck with Tanganyikans in this sort of scape BUT you'd still need to choose your species carefully
    1 shelldweller (choose "mild" temperament)
    1 sand dweller (as above) or Altolamprologus
    1 open water dweller such as 'cyps' (even with these, fish from certain locales may show more aggression)

    Depending on setup & selected species, you might be able to do 4 species ... once you've a short list, post on CF for feedback.

    If you want Mbuna, I strongly (strongly) recommend against Iwagumi - for long term success,, you really want lots of rock work with various sized crevices/caves ... you might get lucky if you begin with the right species (but I don't know much about the Malawi species .. there may be more compatible (gentler) species available now than when I was keeping africans).

    CF really has done a great library with profiles & "cookie cutter" tank set ups
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  3. parotet

    parotet Member

    Valencia, Spain
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  4. Martin Osmond

    Martin Osmond Member

    Thank you both.

    Jordi, that's kind of what I'm thinking. I've seen lots of different rock layouts and can't help thinking that using aquascaping techniques the potential for a really striking Malawi tank is definitely there. Just trying to think outside the box a little to try and come up with something a bit different.
  5. alto

    alto Member


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