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JB - 60P

Back of the tank, staurogyne repens is looking super healthy!


Front of the tank doesn't leave me much room to clean the glass these days, Anubias and buce have taken over...

pre water change shot.

All parameters remain the same bar ferts, gone up 1ml pd due to plant mass.

50% w/c a week
Prefilter clean
Light on 6hr a day 100%
C02 2.5 hours on before light, off at lights out.
2ml APT Complete ferts a day
Plants are looking healthier than ever. No real changes so I guessing the tank has found a sweet spot and everything is balancing nicely.

Anubius looking thick and healthy

Buce throwing flowers out everywhere

Miroshaki still thriving under deep cover

Some top down shots to show plant density on this one now...

Staurogyne Repens has reached around 10cm high now so i'm guessing this is about its limit?




I’ve been neglecting this tank for a few months now, life has been busy and the tanks taken a back seat! It doesn’t seem to care though.

Plant health is still looking great surprisingly, The whole tanks ridiculously overgrown… I need to have a hard trim back of all the anubias and buce in the front. I thought by now it would have killed the flow and caused some kind of algae issue but nothing has reared its face yet.

I’ve been letting it grow out to a certain extent as I’ll be upgrading to the 90p soon and want the plant mass for that project.

Routine still at
50% w/c a week
Prefilter clean
Light on 6hr a day 100%
C02 2.5 hours on before light, off at lights out.
3ml APT Complete ferts daily

I have removed the surface skimmer and not noticed any change other than a slight surface film after a week or so… a nice reminder to do a water change.

Inhabitants of this tank are now snail and shrimp only.
Clithon corona x 20+
Mixed neocaridina






Note- I’ll be having a hard trim back of the reopens in the back soon if anyone is interested?
Time for a hard trim! Most all of the buce/anubias has been removed, this will be sorted and some going back in and some sold on... I did initially just take out the lower sections that were pressing against the glass. I ended up with a very top heavy scape that's wasn't pleasing at all so out came the lot 😅 I'll take a picture once sorted, there is so much plant mass considering the 60p size.





Still lots of work to do to get this one back on track but i ran out of time today.
End of an era for the 60p! It has been decommissioned...

I did however pick up a bargain 60F at my local aquascape store (Scaped Nature) so not all is lost. I bought some nice Scottish pebbles around a year ago with the mind to make some form of scape with them. They have been floating around in my garden ever since so the 60F was my opportunity to use them.

Mostly Anubis in there at the moment but i'll be adding the following
Eleocharis mini
Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis
Hydrocotyle Verticillata
Microsorum Pteropus petite
Cryptocoryne Parva
Littorella uniflora


What does well in a shallow tank for the background? After some inspiration...
Wood is gone in favour of more planting space and a simpler setup.

Plant list for this one is -

Eleocharis mini
Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis
Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae
Cryptocoryne Parva - Not yet planted
Anubias Petite

C02 will be through an inline diffuser.
Filtration on this is a Biomaster 250 Thermo
Stand is made by myself out of box section steel, perforated steel for the shelf and birch ply for under the tank.

I'm after a twinstar light for this 600C or 600SM anything other than the adjustable legs variety... Seems to be out of stock everywhere though. :confused:

Critters are shrimp and snail only for now.

IMG_0672.jpeg IMG_0677.jpeg IMG_0674.jpeg IMG_0681.jpeg