JBL CO2 Pressure for Atomizer

Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by danmullan, 9 Aug 2012.

  1. danmullan

    danmullan Member

    18 Feb 2012
    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if anyone here uses, or knows if you can use, an atomizer like a UP with a JLB CO2 kit. The kit I have is the JLB M602, and I'm not sure if the pressure is high enough to use one of the UP inline atomizers. The instructions say they can put out up to 6bar, but I doubt that this is going to be the pressure all the time? I dunno.

    Help would be appreciated :thumbup:

  2. Emyr

    Emyr Member

    20 Jul 2011
    It is recommended that you set the pressure on your regulator to around 1.5 bar as a starting point, I think many have set it at 1.7 - 2 on the JBL regulators (you adjust the pressure via an allan key adjustment with an allan key on the regulator). You should then lower the pressure of the regulator until the pressure is insufficient to force the CO2 through the atomizer, then increase slightly from this level. The working pressure needed to use with an atomizer will vary with regulators and depending on which atomizer you are using. Allow a few minutes for sufficient pressure to build up to allow the CO2 to begin passing through.

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