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Jbl m601 suitable diffuser replacement?


New Member
12 Jan 2017
Hi I just popped in to my local Maidenhead store and they had a table full of sale items
I noticed a jbl m601 co2 set half price and couldn't resist the offer so I bought it
I have since done a bit of research and have some alterations I want to make before I put it to use
1 = the supplied diffuser is rather ugly and big
2 = I would like to add a solenoid valve
Does anyone have the same setup and can Recommend good value parts
This will be for a new tank that is a 4ft 240ltrs , fluval fx4 filter , beamswork Evo 36 led
For the diffuser I have a fluval fx4 filter on its way to me so with 1" hose so an in-line diffuser not an option
Was thinking of a good ceramic diffuser upto 2bar ?
Solenoid apart from jbl one I've not got a clue to be honest !

Co2 Supermarket do a solenoid that will fit directly to your regulator. Contact them and then and ask about this, its much cheaper than the JBL version:

Thanks for the link , That looks a pretty good buy
Any idea what is the go to atomiser or glass diffuser ?