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Jueloo's 180l tank


3 Aug 2008
Hi all,

Just about redo my tank - this will be my first really planned out aquascape. Have always just tried things out and tweaked things here and there, but for this one ‘I have a plan!’

Never really done a journal either, but I’d really like to get people’s advice and opinions along the way, so all suggestions, advice, opinions etc welcomed and appreciated.

So here goes! I’ve done a very rough sketch of the layout. I’m going for what I hope will not be too difficult. A scape that will slope down from left to right or v.v (triangle shape). The focal point will be some redmoor wood, with maybe some small rocks in front depending on what it looks like when I arrange them.


There probably will be less HC and crypts as it looks in the sketch. The redmoor wood is one piece that I chopped into 2 because the branches were perfectly parallel. So there will be 2 branches with Taiwan moss (courtesy of A1Matt). I also have some nympheae stellata which I might include.

Just awaiting HC in the post and I’m away. Again, all comments welcomed :thumbup: .

Tank details
Tank: Juwel Vision 180l
CO2: FE and BOYU inline diffuser
Filter: Eheim 2026
Powerhead: Koralia 1
Lighting: 2x T5 HO Interpret 55W, 1x T8 Arcadia Original 30W
Substrate: Caribsea EcoComplete
Ferts: EI Dosing


Thread starter
3 Aug 2008
Thx Sam, will definitely get pics up, when planted. Was intending to have it planted by the end of this week but was let down by someone on ebay for some of the plants. I wouldnt care I never buy plants from ebay, but i was duped by a bargain. And i want to do it all in one go - a planting marathon, when I have the time to just go for it.

Anyway I am going to do away with my diy hood. I lovingly put blood & sweat into this hood last summer. I took pics at every stage and meant to do a write up on it but never got around to it. I prefer the natural look of this hood (even though the wood does not match the cheap veneer on the tank) but it is such a pain when I need to get at things low down in the tank.


Because of the height of the hood (and I only have short arms :) ) and the front piece of wood at the bow, it's really awkward for me to get to the front. So I've decided my back needs a break, and the tank needs a new hood.
I am replacing it with an Arcadia OT2 Luminaire.

This has 4x 39w T5s replacing the twin interpret T5s @55w and the T8 Arcadia Original bulb.

I haven't got it on yet, so no pics to compare. I'm hoing it will look ok with the bow. Quite an investment so it better!Pity they dont make bowed shaped luminaires. :) I used the price match on AE and they very kindly dropped thier price quite a bit and matched it for me and sent it out promptly.


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