Jumped after 2 and a half years

Discussion in 'Fish' started by Paul27, 29 Jan 2020.

  1. Paul27

    Paul27 Member

    23 Sep 2019
    Having had my Betta for just over 2 and a half years, i found him today dead and dried up in the basket underneath my tank. At some point during the night he had jumped out, in all my time of having him he had never done this. I have a tank upstairs that was only going to be temporary when i first moved in, should have been emptied and stored away a long time ago but due to work, child etc didn't get round to doing it until now. I have just started to break it down as the space is now needed, the only fish left in there was a dwarf male neon rainbow fish(Will be looking for a new home) so i have moved him down stairs to the tank the betta was in. Betta was originally in the same tank as him but i moved him down about 4 or 5 months ago. My question is even though they have been housed together before could this be one of the reasons that he could have jumped?. I know there could be a load of reasons but strange as the betta had been in there for months, then i have added the rainbow fish and within a week the betta has jumped.

  2. Simon Cole

    Simon Cole Member

    25 Dec 2018
    Bettas are a thinking fish. They truly pine - sometimes for up to a week when they are unhappy. Other times they will show little motivation to eat. Some fish give them confidence, whereas others scare them unnecessarily. Their behavior will change over time if kept alone. I think your rainbow gave him the mind to jump out.
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  3. Ed Wiser

    Ed Wiser Member

    22 Apr 2018
    He was pining for the small ponds in Thailand. Or maybe the Fiords
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