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Jungle flex 57L


26 Feb 2021
Dear all,

I have recently been inspired to set up our fluval flex 57L. I've seen some great videos on YouTube which have drawn me back into the hobby. One video in particular, where @George Farmer visits a shop owners home and shows a tank set up for a child, had made me want to create a relaxing tank my children will enjoy watching.

I really like the natural jungle like look especially the height he creates.

So here goes my attempt at a similar look. I've used old and used ecocomplete mixed with Ada Amazonia from a previous set-up, and some old redmoor cut into two pieces. The light is the standard one and I'm not wanting to add CO2.


I then brought some plants:
Bacopa caroliniana
Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B'
Microsorum pteropus

Cryptocoryne willisii
Lobelia cardinalis

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
Staurogyne repens


So I did something silly and left the plants for a few days in their containers before planting as I didn't have time. Unfortunately the Staurogyne repens look like they've pretty much all died, I've planted it in the front left corner and hopefully it can come back. Similar story with the H siamensis :( . The plan is for it to grow tall and cover the back LHS where the filter/heater is. The bacopa is up on the back right and the fern is in the mid back. I'm after height in the back so I'm looking to replace the fern with something else, perhaps an Amazon sword?

And I've realised I want something tall growing on the front right hand side. I'm unsure about this one too.

Any recommendations/tips/advice/critique would be much appreciated.


Ps the rock on the log is weighing it down. Had it soaking for 2 weeks and it was sinking until I planted - really strange.

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