Just being nosey !.....any Neocaridina keepers out there?


15 Nov 2015
I've had a colony of rcs for ten years now and got them from a friend who had them for about ten years before that. They aren't that red but it doesn't worry me. I have swapped some out for new ones a few times to get some different genetics in there and occasionally see some with strong red colours or the odd yellow one pop up but I have them for interest and don't specifically breed them.
I notice that this time of year the population really booms but seems to decline in the summer. As my tank is a real jungle that gets natural light, I'm not sure if this is a temperature problem reducing the population or if the extra light creates more algae and food deeper in the plants meaning they don't need to expose themselves. If I pop an algae pellet in its demolished by a few dozen shrimp but I'd estimate there are a several hundred in there going on the density I see and the fact they used to be in a 25l and when I upgraded to this 120l I pulled out over 300. I added some tigers to the 25 but ended up with only one, so it's not always successful.

For me the biggest tip is to try and buy local. If you do then they are normally several generations old in your tap water and it's makes things so much easier.

david boden

23 Sep 2019
devon uk
Mort...I agree with your last point wherever it's possible for folks, but it's not always easy.
I order mine online from 300 miles away !-----but as long as they're acclimated very slowly over a few hours, they seem to be pretty resilient to the trauma they must experience in transit.

There are so many different big tips we could all give to new keepers,--- but some folks seem to do very well without knowing any of them !