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Just set up a Fluval 306 - EXTREMELY noisy

Is the noise still there? I am pretty sure it's just trapped air. Mine was the same to begin with. I would really shake it and tilt it on each side etc. While it is on.

Have you tried lifting the primer when it's on and see a huge release of bubbles?

It will run silent it's just air. I would maybe drain and plug back in again and prime longer.

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I must have emptied, shook and re-primed it so many times now. I've also just left it for a while in hopes it would improve but no such luck.

Before you invest any further,
Remove the head and dip it in pail of water upto throat just as the way it will be when it is fitted on to the canister and see if the impeller still make that loud noise.

Yes means something wrong with impeller. You are entitled for replacement.

No means something wrong somewhere else. You need to address that issue if not same issue will be there with new impeller.

I will upload a video tonight what/how to do

Stop purchasing anything first.

Such a shame your LFS that sold you these filters is coming forward to resolve the issue for you.

Did you buy online?

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I bought the Fluval in store and the Eheim online... just a shame as I'm not having much luck with these external filters haha
I must have emptied, shook and re-primed it so many times now. I've also just left it for a while in hopes it would improve but no such luck.

I bought the Fluval in store and the Eheim online... just a shame as I'm not having much luck with these external filters haha
Just try this with your head before you invest any further.

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Okay mate, will do. Thanks for your help, I'll have to do it tonight or tomorrow. If it's not the impeller or impeller shaft I'm at a loss for what the noise could be. I remember noticing the impeller shafts doesn't sit at a perfectly straight angle. I've removed it and put it back in but it still sits leaning slightly one way. Wonder if that could be causing any issues...
They seem slanted due to impeller magnet attracted to sides but when you closed the end cover, it sits straight dont worry about it.

If it doesnt sit properly you wont be able to close it. Misaligned forced fit shaft wont last long.

If you notice the video, as long as the impeller in the water it is dead silent, I had to pull the outlet up to see whether it is pumping water or not.

When it is tilted upwards to the surface to allow the air to reach impeller, the noise is fairly loud and the flow reduced with air bubbles in the outlet.

The moment I let it sit properly, within few sec all the air expelled and silent again.

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I agree it's very unlikely that you have two faulty filters. The most likely reason is air getting in somewhere. Something else that might be worth considering is that the noise could be the filter vibrating against something in the cabinet which resonates when the door is shut. The latter should be easy to eliminate, just make sure nothing is touching the cabinet and if there aren't any rubber feet on the filter try putting something underneath it like a scrap of carpet or material.

If i were you I'd take the filter off and run it in a bucket to try and work out what's going on. With it off the tank it's easier to check things and shake the filter to get air out.
First check that all the pipework is comfortably onto the plastic intake pipe, minimum a centimetre. If not hairline gaps may suck in air by Venturi efffect when the filter is running. It can be stiff pushing the pipes on so dip the end of the rubber eheim tube in hot water for a few seconds and it'll go softer and make it easier to push onto the rigid pipe.

At the other end make sure the pipe is similarly pushed all the way onto the little elbow intake at the bottom of the filter. Then close the locking collar by hand until it's tight. Don't use tools to get it very tight as it's plastic and may get damaged. The intake elbow (pictured in a post above) screws into the body of the filter so potentially may leak, although I've never seen it and have used several eheim classic over the past 20 years. The other poster is correct that you can undo it and wrap ptfe tape but you risk cross threading it or creating a leak that wasn't there before by doing this. I would leave it alone unless you're sure it's letting in air after you've checked everything else before dismantling parts eheim have screwed together.

Then check the rubber o ring on the pump head. The old versions you had to push it onto the outer edge of the pump head and it could get twisted as it rolled onto the pump head. A twisted o ring is narrower at the twisted part and can leak. However I'd expect it to leak rather than suck in air. If memory serves newer versions have it already installed in a groove on the pump head. Make sure the impeller is sat centrally on the ceramic shaft. Make sure all pipes are not kinked and taps fully open and screwed together correctly, if you have taps on the pipework.

Put the filter together, and run it empty in the bucket. After a few seconds it should go quiet, now lift it and shake it a little to clear the air. It will run noisy again for a few seconds then run with just a slight hum. I don't find them silent but you have to be close by to hear the hum. If it's still noisy look carefully in the hoses and pump body for air bubbles and trace backwards to work out where they're getting in. If there's no visible air getting in you can try running the pump head in the bucket of water like someone else suggested and if it's quiet at least you know it's not the pump that's the problem.

By doing it systematically you should be able to work out what's making it noisy.
Ok guys, I was going to do the ol' filter head in a bucket trick but I'd received my new impeller and impeller shaft (although the new impeller has a dent in it towards the base...) I think it's slightly better? It's more of a steady hum now then a rattle. I don't know... I can still hear it from any point in the room although it is a bedroom. When people say "silent", do they actually mean silent? Because it's definitely not that but seems to have improved with the new impeller. Here's a YouTube video, I guess you guys can be the judge:

Here it is with the original impeller:

Here it is with the new impeller I installed today:

Here's a third video with better lighting, showing my inlet/outlet in aquarium and piping on the filter - does it all look set up correctly?

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It certainly sounds better but to me it still sounds noisy. That said, I've just taken video of a 2324 and a 2078 and the video audio sounds far noisier than what it does when listening 'live'. I'd still do the bucket rest if I were you.
Just using my phone lol... I'll do the bucket test tomorrow. Am I expecting it to be silent? Also how do I stop water from spraying everywhere from the outlet? haha. At least it sounds... better. I'll take any victory I can at the minute... was debating quitting the hobby this week because I've just been hit with such a string of bad luck. Pretty much all at once all of this filter business happened (so 2 loud filters), my bubble counter broke, the threading on my replacement JBL cylinder was worn, and the O ring in my regulator broke. Hopefully I'll have co2 up and running again tomorrow when the new o ring gets here.

Thank you for all your help and sticking by me while I sort this. Could anyone post a video of their 2217 and the noise it makes?
As far as eheims are concerned, they are dead silent meaning you cant hear even if you place your ear near the pump. All you will hear is mild humming noise. Any thing more than a feet away you dont hear any thing...

I bet you will be surprised when you do this bucket test....

In my son bedroom, the tank is behind the head rest. Eheim is in the cabinet and will be a couple of feet away when he sleeps.

I strongly believe air is entering the filter some how....

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Hmm... you have a valid reason fo develop hatred towards external canisters. Plain bad luck, I would say. Can you request for RMA from the online store you bought it?

Send them this video and demand for a replacement...

Too bad I cant extend any help to resolve the issue.

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At this point, the rattling has started again even with the new impeller. It's frustrating to see how many people have silent ones lol. I bought it from amazon... not sure what there return policy is

Where are you situated?
As you have had this problem for some time it might be worth putting the kettle on & have someone else have look with a new set of eyes, ears & thoughts.
Yeah, all the canisters I've had made similar noise in the first 2 or 3 weeks, then they start going silent. They need to develop a bit of mulm around the impeller