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Juwel 180 first planted tank

Dan walton

23 Jun 2013
West Yorkshire
Just collected the rio 125 tank and pond solutions 2x39 light unit tank of a Facebook tropical fish page and the light off good old eBay myself and member Big Clown will be starting construction of our first aqua scape (hopefully) this weekend looking forward to it

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Should make for a good setup. Nice size, and a good light. What are your plans for it flora/fauna-wise?

Enjoy your scaping!
Hopefully my friend (big clown) will step in here with the plant names and the more technical side of things at this stage its we are still figuring out which way to go I have collected a large amount of dragon rock and bogwood and big clown has been growing on some hc which will be used heavily in the foreground more pictures and posts to come over the next weeks months
No real plans as yet dragon rock, wood, yes hc if we can keep it alive, at the moment its on my kitchen window

hc photos here

Recommended number of 1 2 grow 'hc' pots | UK Aquatic Plant Society
1st iwagumi attempt.... | Page 3 | UK Aquatic Plant Society

Fauna maybe an additional 5 Puntius pentazona to go with the 5 we already have and some other brightly coloured small fish depending whats availiable, that we like, locally
Flora is something Dan and I need to have a chat and write some plants we like down then we'll see what you guys think. I know dan wants some moss in there somewhere, after seeing some flame moss at Maidenhead aquatics in north leeds at the weekend.
Hopefully well get some inspiration whilst out shopping for essentials at the weekend

By the way Dan, that small qt tank getting dropped of at mine today so we'll be ready to make a mess this weekend;)
Will be watching this closely. Hopefully ill learn something about your substrate choice.
will you be mineralising the John Innes for a few weeks before you flood the tank? The Fluval Stratum isn't something i've heard used much, is it the flora sized or their shrimp substrate? both are supposed to reduce the ph quite quickly, not sure if this is so as not used it myself, sorry for the questions, just trying to learn off what I can;) good luck with the set up peeps
As big clown says forgetful me forgot I had a bid running on a 180 litre tank on eBay jumped in and bought the 125 earlier this week off a sale swop page on Facebook purely cause it was to cheap to miss and you guessed it I've won the 180 ! Looks like MTS is devolving a little quicker than I thought ! So might be scaping the 180 instead what do you guys think? As for mineralising the compost my friend Big Clown is in charge of that side of things he's done far more research than myself so have put all my faith in him would like to hear if anyone else has tried this route and had success oh and Andy we can pick the tank up anytime after 5 in the evening this week

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I've used stratum before it only affects water for a couple of weeks, ph remained the same but I had an ammonia spike that soon got converted to nitrate by the mature filter I was using but that will be a small blip compared to the ammonia from the ji3. people mineralise it first to reduce the ammonia where going to dry start the carpet for about 4/5 weeks and plant lots of stems the day we flood it flood it. hopefully we'll be able to control ammonia by removing large organic bits before we start and with large, frequent water changes. its the larger size stratum about an inch thick over the ji3 which will be mixed with some inert sand to improve aeration.
when we going for this tank then dan