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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Daryn, 11 Sep 2008.

  1. Daryn

    Daryn Member

    2 Sep 2008
    Im sure ive read a thread on here about juwel i-bar light systems failing and them being drilled to access the starter, does anyone know what im on about, its for a old flatback hex juwel aquarium, the sticker on the unit says something about how if 1 bulb fails the unit will not work even tho the other bulb is fine, ive replaced both bulbs and thats all that is replaceable on the unit so am assuming its the starter. The thread i saw said something about you have to know where to drill then you replace the starter, then you can place a grommet of the right size to seal the hole again. Im going to cut the thing up soon to see how it works so im really hoping someone knows what im on about, do you think juwel will tell me a solution or just try and sell me a replacement.
  2. 2pods

    2pods Member

    14 Jul 2007
    Try contacting Juwel UK.
    The same thing happened to one of my light units, and even though I was just outside the two year warranty, they replaced it free except for the postage to send mine down


    01953 603839 (Fax, Business)
    01953 606363 (Business)

    Juwel Aquarium UK Limited
    Gateway 11 Business Park
    Penfold Drive
    NR18 0WZ

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