Juwel light unit needed led or t5?

mike b

1 Feb 2015
Hi there. I guess the title says it all. My juwel vision 180 light unit has perished after 5 years use. Ive done all the tests and its probably the starter inside. Anyway i dont know weather to buy the fancy and expensive juwel led helialux or another t5 unit. Everything seems to be going led these days so i dont mind paying out for the led unit as long as its plant friendly. Primarily for growing plants is the helialux any good or would you recommend sticking with t5's?

Tim Harrison

Super Moderator
Staff member
5 Nov 2011
Pretty much any bulb or unit that gives off light in the full visible spectrum will be fine for growing plants. The photosynthetically active spectrum and the visual spectrum are one and the same give or take a few nm; a happy coincidence of evolution.

What's perhaps more important is colour temperature, that is what you find visually attractive to look at. This is where LEDs come in to their own since many units can be remotely controlled to give different colour bias, intensity, photoperiod, and sunrise/sunset. and often by SmartPhone app etc. Check out James' Cheap HO T5 fluorescent tubes, for a better idea of what I'm on about.

So whether you stick with T5 or go for LED is just a matter of personal choice, and bank balance. In terms of growth, so long as full spectrum bulbs are used plants couldn't really give a monkey's either way ;)

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