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Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by kilimark, 11 Sep 2009.

  1. kilimark

    kilimark Newly Registered

    Hi All

    I hope you are well. I found my way here from the PFK forum.

    I'm planning a bit of tank overhaul as I'm currently running a Juwel Rekord 70 with one 18inch 15w T8 tube, plain gravel, and no CO2. Just dosing with Easy Carbo and Pro fit at the moment. and to be honest I'm board with my tank. I want a nice Aqua scape!

    Ive been researching and getting advice and I have come up with a plan I wanted to run by you all!


    I'm going to replace the substrate with Caribsea Eco Complete (£17.99)

    For CO2 I'm going to use the Hagen Nutrafin Plant Grow CO2 Natural plant system (£17.99). I'll be using George Farmers recommended mix of yeast and sugar.

    Lighting wise I'm going to modify my Juwel Rekord 70 hood adding an extra 18in 15w T8 tube... for this I need to buy...
    Arcadia Fluroescent Ultra Seal Lighting Control Unit 15w (£19.97)
    Juwel 15w Reflector (£6.29)
    Juwel reflector metal clips (£3.52)
    18inch 15w Daylight bulb T8 (£6)
    2 thin threaded botls (£1)
    2 black plastic screw cups with caps (£1)

    I already have Easy Carbo and Profita but I'm also going to start dosing with Tropica Plant Nutrition+ (£14.75)
    TOTAL - £88.51

    The struggle I'm having is picking out my plants and how to arrange them. The list I've come up with mainly consists of forground and a few midground plants which is no good. If anyone has any ideas on plants to fillout my background I'd be very greatful.

    Fish wise I have a pair of Kribensis, 10 Rasbora Hengli, and 3 platties. I did have 4 amano shrimps but the Kribs ate them!

    Plant ideas list...
    Anubias Barteri var. Nana
    Blyxa Japonica
    Eleocharis Acicularis
    Hemianthus Callitrichodes "cuba"
    Ludwiga repens 'Rubin'
    Microsorium Pteropus ‘Narrow ‘ ‘Java Fern‘
    Pogostemon Helferi
    Staurogyne sp.
    Vesicularia Ferriei ‘Weeping Moss’

  2. chilled84

    chilled84 Member

    Looking at your plant list your tastes are the same as mine lol. I jumped right in the deep end too. Looks like the root your going to take too. And with a yeast reactor im not sure the plants on your list will thrive. Im useing a co2 optimat and easy carb too but with not very good results with HC! Thats my main plant and im haveing a realy hard time with it with the co2 i have. The lighting you are about to install will defo help a great deal. Pogostimon helferi is an amazing plant. I have some in my tank too but it has gone from bright green to a dull green at mo. Not sure why. These plants are realy hard to grow but i love them. I would like too see just how you get on with that fertiliser you mentioned from tropica. Keep in touch. :thumbup:

    And good luck.
  3. kilimark

    kilimark Newly Registered

    Hi Chilled84! thanks for your comments. Always good to get other people opinions.

    I might go with Eleocharis Acicularis for my carpeting instead of the Hemianthus Callitrichodes then. I was trying to decide between them and if HC is troublesome then the Eleocharis Acicularis might be the safer option.

    what are you using for you background plants? that's the area I cant decide on at the moment.
  4. chilled84

    chilled84 Member

    Ha ha. Now your asking me questions lol. I have four backround plants. Amazon sword plant, For the sides. Three others i cant remember names of, But if you check out pics of my tank

    viewtopic.php?f=49&t=7769 I

    m sure you can figure them out. If you do please tell me. Im a beginer at all this. And have a mind like a bucket with a whole. Ps HC IS A PAIN!!!! Well to me anyway as im very short cash flow wise and cant aford big high tec Co2 setups. :(
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  5. Fred Dulley

    Fred Dulley Member

    Cardiff, Wales
    I'm glad you've found your way over here, Mark.
  6. chilled84

    chilled84 Member

    cheers mate. Im glad too as its a real help this site.
  7. kilimark

    kilimark Newly Registered

    Hey Fred!

    Fancy seeing you here!

    I like this site. obviously a lot more plant centred than PFK.

    still saving my money and researching away ready for the overhaul.

    funny thing is my tanks looking pretty well planted at the moment because my hygropholia is growing like mad and my algae problem is going away thanks to easy carbo and profita. some nice green moss growing on my bogwood now!!!

    fun times
  8. kilimark

    kilimark Newly Registered

    Thanks to the joy that is Halifax bank and their stupid bank charges this overhaul is on hold :( :thumbdown:

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