Juwel tubes---- Arcadia luminaire

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by andy6, 24 May 2009.

  1. andy6

    andy6 Newly Registered

    Hi all, does anyone know if theT8 High Lite Juwel tubes i've just seen for sale,35w at 472mm fit directly into my Arcadia OTL which is 18w at 472mm or do Juwel tubes only fit into Juwel hoods and run off different ballasts or will they interchange with no problem as a T8 tube will fit any T8 fitting.
  2. LondonDragon

    LondonDragon Administrator Staff Member

  3. nry

    nry Member

    Cumbria, UK
    If it helps, I have a spare new Sylvania 865 15w/18" tube, 1 12mnth old Arcadia Freshwater and 1 12mnth old Acradia Original Tropical tube spare...

    Though I wonder if you already have the Juwel tubes and wish to keep them without buying others?

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