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K2SO4 solubility problem


10 Jul 2011
Hi, I have a quick question. Before I read the solubility notes for Potassium Sulphate I tried based on the calculator to dissolve 100.28 grams (equivalent to 5 tbsp + 0 tsp + 1/2 tsp + 1/8 tsp + 1/32 tsp ) of K2SO4 to your 500mL dosing container. As you will have guessed I now have a lot of undissolved K2SO4 in my 500ml container. I am unsure what I should do with it? Can I use it and what should I do with the undissolved K2SO4 at the bottom of the container?
I am not a chemist, but in the future, if I were to dissolve 55.5g in 500ml of water as per the solubility notes, (not 100.28g) , that is approx 55% of the calculator's instructions. Therefore, can I assume that I will now get 55% of 10ppm/degree of K i.e. 5.5 ppm/degree?

Many Thanks, David