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LED lighting question


13 Jul 2008
Thornhill, Egremont, Cumbria
Just been trawling through the internet looking at lighting, etc and specifically LED lighting. Thanks for giving me the bug Andy :lol:

Came across this by accident but I have no idea how it compares to a unit such as the Aquaray, does anybody have an idea how much light this would give off in comparison terms to an AR or even a T5 tube ?



19 Jul 2007
Lincoln UK
I don't think it's me who is to blame for the bug. lol I only joined in the original thread on page 5. :lol: So there are plenty more to blame and they have cost me £100+.

If we assume that the TMC uses 3W LEDs which are normally around 80 lumens each, then that would max at 5 x 80 = 400Lumens

However the units total is 12W not 15W so their LEDs are only running at 2.4W which would work out 'theoretically' at 320 Lumens. (Not accurate but a quick 'logical' calculation)

The units you link to are 15 x 21 Lumens which equates to 315 Lumens.

So on the face of it they should be about the same. Its a 60euro+shipping gamble though. lol



30 Oct 2008
That looks like Osram emitters. Without a spec sheet I can't say for sure. I'm a little confused about the voltage. 12V won't drive 15 x LEDs @ 750 mA in series, unless there is a boost converter or something built-in. If each group of three is wired in parallel, then 12 Volts would work, but it's not ideal. Three LEDS is what you'd expect to drive with 12V.

Email the company and ask if they have a datasheet for it. I'm curious.

As for the output, assuming you are driving them at nominal values, they will produce less than the equivalent number of TMC units (3 units, I think). The reason being that TMC units have optics which produce a narrow beam (around 25 degrees). The ones you are looking at have 100 degree lenses, so a lot of the light is going to be scattered around all over the place, out the tank etc. If you can open the waterproof housing without damaging them, you could add your own secondary optics, and that would bring them par with the TMC units.

Then again, they might not even be 3 watt emitters. The 750 mA current could be due to parallel wiring. It's hard to gauge without knowing the specs.