Lemon tetras breeding problem

Discussion in 'Fish' started by oxy, 3 Jun 2009.

  1. oxy

    oxy Newly Registered

    Does any posses lemon tetra breeding information? I tried to google, but couldn't find anything useful.
    I have got 9 of them in total, they started breeding in my community tank after my frequent change of water. Some of them released the small amount of eggs (with hardly noticeable tummies), but 1 of them still has swollen tummy. She has been with it over 2 weeks now and she is a bit aggressive to other tetras.
    Will any body know how long the breeding period lasts to carry eggs in lemon tetras. My fear is if she wount realese her eggs then she will die. I don't know what to do now. Do u have any sugestion?
  2. rawr

    rawr Member

    I don't really know much about this to be honest, but doubt she'll die. She'll probably just release them when she wants.

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