Lifx Z led strip


30 Jun 2018
Newcastle upon Tyne
Did a quick search for any comments about Lifx Z strips being used as lighting. I saw some comments about the normal smart bulbs but nothing about the newer led strips.

I've picked up a 2m starter set and I had initially planned just to use the strip as background lighting on the sideboard my tanks will be situated on.

Looking at the specs and experiencing the brightness first hand I started to think that I could use the strip lights as main tank lights and retire my Twinstar 600 and 300. The lights can be programmed for a day/night cycle which would be a plus over my existing timed lighting.

Here is a link to the specs.

They claim "LIFX Z is expandable, and has a maximum output of 2800 lumens, with a maximum of 10 strip sections connected. Each strip section has a maximum output of 700 lumens."

Has anyone had any experience with these lights or similar?

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