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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by JazzyJeff, 16 Oct 2009.

  1. JazzyJeff

    JazzyJeff Member

    20 Oct 2007
    I currentley light my 72"x18"x24" tank with 2 125watt Mercury Vapour pendants but today one of them has packed up, I changed the bulbs over so I know its the unit, but the type I have dont seem too be available anymore as I dont seem too be able too find them on the web, they arte the Black Bowl shaped ones made by Geismann, so what I need guys is some ideas on how too get the same wattage of light without costing the earth, Iwas thinking of an Arcadia Lumineire or similar any ideas guys !!!!!
  2. George Farmer

    George Farmer Founder Staff Member

    30 Jun 2007
    Hiya Jeff

    If you can find an old style 150cm Arcadia OT luminaire then that would do the job I reckon - and they're a lot less expensive than the OT2.

    It's 4 x 54w but the tubes are staggered so all the 150cm is covered. This leaves 15cm short either side of the tank but the spread should be fine and I assume you're not going for mega-demanding plants?

    You can pick up daylight full-spectrum 54w T5 tubes for a few quid from Lamp Specs.

    There's one idea for you mate...

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