lighting advice for new tank please!

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by chris_cotton23, 4 May 2015.

  1. chris_cotton23

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    hello guys!
    finally i took the decision to go for smaller tank 3ftL x 18''W x 20''H because i need the space and i can't live without a tank lol!i still have the 5feet if someone is interested though!
    so now i already ordered the 3ft but i am trying to decide if i want to go with led or t5 lights.
    on the big one i used to have t5 from iaquatics and i am very happy so far , but now i was thinking maybe to give a try with LED. the problem is that i am really bad on led!


    the first link it is with tubes that i used to have(but the bigger one) with nice results

    now on the second link just seen one from ebay which is very cheap i made me to worry a bit and i want you to tell me if you know that unit and if not which one you would recommend?


    also i am thinking this time to make a DIY hanging system for better looking but nothing is for sure. otherwise back to traditional nice looking, as well, hood! :happy:
    that's means that the light will go a bit higher than a hood!if my tank is 20'' high, minus 2-3'' from substrate it will make it 17''-18'' high! my budget is not very high unfortunately.i don't have something specific in my mind but i am trying to keep it as cheap a possible!

    the pants that i have they are some:

    wisteria , mosses , vallis , java fern , anubias some sesiflora but also

    i have some micranthemoides, dwarf hairgrass , staurogyne repens and some left overs from monte carlo from the past and i am hopping to save it!

    and some floating plants :red root floater , salvinia minima , salvinia cucullata (possible) and frogbits

    i will run the tank with CO2 as well !

    please any advice would be perfect thank you so much my people :thumbup::cigar:

    ps.the aquatics website it has an offer 10% off ,which expires tonight!
  2. chris_cotton23

    chris_cotton23 Member

    sorry i forgot!!!i am using EI dosing as wel!;)

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