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Lighting for a low tech tank...


19 Feb 2018
But with the ability to go high tech if I want to at a later date

Hi all

Basically I have a 40cm cube at the moment. It's low tech, been running for probably 5 years. It's an Aqua Nano 40 (so 55 litres and has the rear filter chamber). Right now the tank has a few easy plants (java fern and anubias mainly) along with just a sand substrate and mini landscape rock. I dose a small amount of TNC lite daily. Lighting right now is just a chirihos A series. Works well but the plants never really do much (good or bad). I'd like to try and push the colours a bit more (both in the plants and fish) so thinking about upgrading the light to something that has RGB leds, rather than the yellow/white of the chihiros. It got me thinking though and ideally I'd like to get something that would allow me to go high tech at a later date if I chose to - so I'm thinking a twinstar but ramped down initially for low tech (to what percentage though I don't know?). I've been on Aquarium Gardens website and noticed these two. Both are 30cm but adjustable so should work on a 40cm cube I'm guessing. Anyone know if they'd do the job both in terms of fitment and lighting requirements (both low then to high tech)? If not I'm open to suggestions





22 Aug 2017
I’ve got a Twinstar (S series) on a low tech.Still running it in, but 40-55% or so is plenty at the moment. Like you I wanted the option to go high tech in future.

Mine is the 60cm model on an 80x45cm tank, and the spread is fine- actually gives some nice hardscape shadow. You can adjust the height too, which gives further control over the spread.

I think you’ll be fine with either, so long as the spectrum and colour rendition is to your fancy.

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