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Lighting Height

nigel bentley

20 Oct 2019

I was wondering if there is an optimum height lights should be above water surface.

I realise there are variables eg tank depth, light strength, plants grown
Mine is currently 40mm above but I have just increased this to 150 mm
The reason for this is to experiment whether the light intensity is causing green algae on glass, some BBA, and algae on Amazon Sword. Co2 distribution is good, I have also reduced feeding to 3 times a week. I also implement EI dosing, water temp 24.2 deg c. Gaseous exchange also good.
50% weekly water change without fail.
I run two external filters which I clean monthly. Filter material is fairly sparse and water from spray bars is hitting the front wall at angle of approx 20%

I love aquascaping but I'm a bit frustrated with the algae. New plant growth is good, but on the fast growing stem plants the plants seem to grow at the top.

Sorry for the long post, but do you think raising the height of the light may help
Photo period is only 6 hours so that's not a cause
Thanks for any thoughts
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