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Discussion in 'Hardware & DIY' started by LondonDragon, 4 Mar 2009.

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    Decided to create a list of all the projects that have been posted in the DIY forum so that people can find them easier.
    If you have a project that is not listed here, just send me a PM and I will add it to the list, thanks.

    List of projects in no particular order since there are only a few to start with:

    Auto-Dosing EI with Dosing Pump: :::CLICK HERE::: (LondonDragon)
    Dual dosing pump with alternate switching :::CLICK HERE::: (Ian_m)

    Using a PLC to control your fish tank :::CLICK HERE::: (Ian_m)

    Repairing a faulty Arcadia Luminaire: :::CLICK HERE::: (JamesC)

    In-Line CO2 reactor (NEW): :::CLICK HERE::: (Ed Seeley)
    In-Line CO2 reactor: :::CLICK HERE::: (Behold)
    In-Line CO2 reactor: :::CLICK HERE::: (Ed Seeley)

    Simple Water Changer: :::CLICK HERE::: (LondonDragon)
    Water change heater project. :::CLICK HERE::: (Ian_m)

    Replacing Juwel plastic Brace: :::CLICK HERE::: (LondonDragon)

    DIY Cabinet - Osaka influece: :::CLICK HERE::: (SuperColey1)
    ADA Style DIY Cabinet: :::CLICK HERE::: (Tom)

    Using Fire Extinguisher has CO2 cylinder: :::CLICK HERE::: (Themuleous)
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