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Little test aquarium

12 Aug 2019
Lachendorf Germany
The first stages of my new small aquarium 40*25*25 hardscape finished.

Looking for plant advice what would look cool
Hey Arana, I got a co2 system and ferts I'll be using the jbl pro scape line fe+micro, N,P,K,Mg I the reason why is because I'm using them in my other aquarium and really loving the plants are grown like mad
A little more information

Lighting is just a Nano style LED 8 w
Filter aquaclear 20 hang on filter
Co2 system jbl had a spare laying around
Substrate JBL volcano mineral
JBL plant soil
JBL plant start powder
Dragon stone and a little piece of spider wood
So I have had a look at plants and I have to say i quite like these plants hope fully I can get them from tropica

Anubias petite
Anubias barteri nana
Anubias pinto
Anubias pongolino

Bucephaladra sp red
Bucephaladra wavy green

Cryptocaryne wendtii green

Ludwiga palustris
Littorella uniflora
Limnophila hippuridoudes

Marsilea hirsuta

Nymphoides hydrophylla Taiwan

Staurogyne reopens

Taxiphyllum moss

Not sure if these plants would look okey together or is this too much for my small aquarium
The approach I took was to start by mimicking setups that Iiked to learn more about design, the needs and the behaviour of the plants. The Journals section is full of inspirational scapes. My view is choice and positioning needs to be a personal aesthetic decision.

I am still learning...
Just a quick Update went out today and got my aquarium plants
Eleocharis acicularis Mini
Marsilea Hirsuta
Staurogyne repens
Salvinia auriculata
Anubias petite
Bucephalandra sp red
Bucephalandra wavy green
Vesicularia dubyana christmas moss

From my local aquarium specialist Schreiber Aquaristik from langenhagen near Hannover Germany one of the workers there is always away in Denmark learning about plants from tropica so my plants are all from tropica,

I also added a few cut off from my other community aquarium
lindernia rotundifolia
Limnophila sessiliflora