Lockdown EA Aquascaper 900


6 Nov 2014
You really are a bit touchy. I think we have gone as far as we can here.

Haha touchy? What do you expect me to do, just say nothing in response to you? As far as I’m aware, I have simply seen your comment made a while ago, and that of someone else, and articulated politely to defend myself. There is a difference between you not liking what I have said, and me having said it impolitely.

If you intend to give someone a backhanded, sarcastic comment like:

And we wonder why antibiotic resistance is in the rise...

that implies you are insulting their intelligence and ethics, it is good common sense to expect that they may just stand back up and retaliate afterwards. I wouldn’t be surprised myself.

But yea, I agree. I think we’ve gone as far as we can go with this. Unless you would like to bend the truth of something I’ve said, to further it? Or say something else, equally as pointless, like call me touchy. If not, we’re done👍
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