Logic help needed

Christopher Cook

New Member
7 Aug 2018
Hello fellow UKAPians. I need some advice/logic.

So I have a FE connected to a single stage regulator. When I got home the FE handle had popped open the duct tape I used to seccur it. The inline diffuser still hadn't filled up with water (which meant that it had happened within the last hour or two) it may have happened when the seloniod turned off and the pressure increased.

My question is, the working pressure and the cylinder pressure where at 0... Is this normal? I would have thought that the pressure would hold inside the regulator for a much longer time.

I'm worried that there might be a leak. It's back on now and I can't see a leak but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

When releasing a FE handle is it normal for the cylinder and working pressure to go down to 0?
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