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Looking for a new external filter.


21 Jun 2010
My budget is around £90-£100 and its for a 190l tank , i`ve found an aqua one here at a reasonable price , has anyone any experiance with these or can suggest an alternative?
Personally I didn't like the last AquaOne I used although that was 2 or 3 years a go so things may have changed. I would suggest a Tetratec EX1200. Maybe a tad over budget, but I love mine :) Mine was £85 when I got it, but I seem to remember the price may have gone up since.

yep a TT 1200 or a JBL cristal profi e1500 but i think you will be hard pushed to get one of those.

perhaps a second hand fx5 for uber turnover?
Nice one, that's a good price. I'm using one on my 4 foot/120l Pufferfish tank. They're good, solid, powerful filters.

I used a JBL Cristal Profi for a client tank I set up because I got a good deal from JohnAllan, but I wished I hadn't in the end. I found priming it very difficult and ended up having to suck on the pipes to get it going.

Franko44 said:
JBL cristal profi e1500, I have run one for just coming up a year... best filter I have ever had.... and it shift a good 1500lt per hour, when leave with the tank...

I am pleased to hear these are good filters. Have been trying to find somebody using one for ages and gave up in the end.
I have just bought the e 900 to go with a Fluval 305 in a 240L tank. The sizes seemed to match so flow rates should be similar.
It should arrive tomorrow. Just under 86 quid.

Seems the cheaper end of the market are all pretty much good quality these days :)

I actually use the Aqua one CF1200 mentioned in the original post and tbh I find it as good is not better than my Ehiem!

Quality is spot on but I find maintainance easier!