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Critique my aquascape Looking for advice on existing aquascapes!

Which is the better scape, the 125L or the 350L???

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10 May 2016
Hi everyone, I have two aquascapes that I’d like help with. The larger one is a Rio 350L and the smaller is a Fluval 125 which is only a month old (please excuse the murkiness on it as it was after a water change) (the more pink looking H’ra in the 350L is the latest photo after adding liquid ferts so the plants are doing better now).

So, I am looking to improve these somehow, maybe more experienced eyes can see things that I’m missing. I’m enjoying both scapes and quite like them, but my intuition tells me they could be much better?

Thanks in advance for your critique!


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I wouldn't change anything on the big tank! With the rio 125, the only thing I would be tempted to do, if forced, is to add something else with big broad leaves in the back right like an echinodorus...
With the small tank I would just carry on with what you are doing it looks great and will look even better when it has grown in a tad more. The right hand side of the 350 is perfect but the left hand side appears to me to have grown to close to the front glass, nothing that a good trim wouldn't solve. Both tanks have excellent plant growth and I would have been pleased to have achieved similar.
Nice scapes, well done. If you're looking for next steps, maybe this will help.